If everybody loved paper Scheduler, most of companies wouldn’t have already switched to SWITS.

For Restaurents and small scale companies who want to get rid of paper Schedule, Swits allow company and employee notify for change in schedule with diffrent medium and easy to use.

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Swits is a one-stop solution to plan out tasks for your employees and monitor their work performances in the smarter and the most effective ways. SWITS use to manage your staff schedule in easy way, It will reduce the effort to create monthly time-table in excell with best feedback system from employee. It gives flixiblity to track total empolyee hours to enhance your business with cost reduction technique. Gather your employee on most busy hour of day. Get your workers inform via SMS and Email about any notification, convert most of the process in automated flow to reduces the effort of telephonic conversation. Let’s make your staff managment process easy with SWITS.

Add or modify multiple shifts.

Swits allows you to add multiple shifts. Schedule a particular employee in advance for a designated time-frame, or even change already-scheduled shifts for a single day.

Manage employees with ease.

Schedule shifts for multiple employees at once and minimize errors. Swits handle requests for changes effortlessly with instant conflict notifications.

Configure shift rotations.

Build rosters smoothly. Simply select the shifts, staff, and dates from the drop-down menu. Set rosters for a time-frame of a week, month, quarter or more in one view. Pre-plan schedules by creating them in advance.

Notify employees instantly.

Say goodbye to back-and-forth calls and emails. Swits automatically notifies employees through feeds and also sends customized emails and messages.

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Small Scale Industry

PLN19/ month
  • 10 employ terminal
  • Full access
  • Audits
  • Limited Support
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Small and Mid scale industry

PLN149/ month
  • 99 employ terminal
  • Full access
  • Audits
  • Unlimited support
  • System design and upgrade
  • Email and SMS notification
  • Time tracking and attendance
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A better way to manage employee time Schedule

It is internet platform that supports and automates process related to staff managment which allows organization to switch from traditional modal to digital platform in simple and fast way. SWITS provides staff managment with updated work and provide notification about expring contract, health & safty training. We plan time schedule for your organization in graphical representation that will complay with the applicable provisions of the labour code and ensure staffing at your facility, everyday you can register your team work, Keep record and at the end of month you will get a balance of hours and print out a time record. SWITS also use function to record vacation, control the acceptance of application & the limite of available holidays.

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